Remember the Beginning

My road to motherhood was not an easy one.  We struggled with infertility and I felt lost.
I felt alone, like so many others with the same struggles do.  When my son finally made his way into the world,
an intense wave of raw emotion washed over me.

The joy of meeting your baby for the first time can’t be described.
It’s immeasurable.  Intangible.
It changes you.
It changes everything.

There are so many emotions in those first few weeks.
Joy. Fear. Pride. Doubt. Wonder. Awe.
And that love is unlike anything you’ve ever felt before.
It’s fierce and unwavering. Boundless and enduring.

You realize you would do anything for your baby.
You give all of yourself, every last piece of you, to your child.
In that moment, your life changes.  It will never be as it once was.
It may be harder, scarier, yet more joyful than you ever imagined.
It is your new beginning.  The beginning of your life with your new identity.

It’s a beautiful thing.  It’s the best and most important thing you’ll ever do.
Nine months of waiting.  All to get to this moment.  To meet your baby.
To become MOM.

This is my why.
This is why I am a newborn photographer.
The most important moment in your life needs to live forever.


As a Portland newborn photographer, I am honored to photograph your baby.
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