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This little one’s mama was the lucky winner of our Mother’s Day Giveaway last year, and what a fitting gift for your first Mother’s Day!  These first time parents were SO excited to welcome little Keenan Moon into the world and who could blame them?  He was a perfect angel for his session, and was happiest when he was in his parent’s arms.  We even got a super special shot for dad at the end!  Welcome to the world Keenan!



Look at that smile for mama! SWOON!


Proud parents.


Daddy is pretty excited to have a son!


This blanket is super special.  It was daddy’s when he was a baby.


How cute is this grin?!



Dad is a huge Pearl Jam and overall music fan.  I wasn’t sure if we were going to be able create this shot for him, but Keenan was perfect and it came out great!

*These shots are composites made in Photoshop.  Hands were on baby the entire time for safety reasons.


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