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As a newborn photographer, I am passionate about babies, but I’m also passionate about moms and families. Having a baby is a life-changing experience and a newborn can alter the family balance – in the best way possible! I’m honored to capture photos of your baby and family to help you remember the beautiful parts of the beginning, but I also want to help support you during the not so beautiful, or just downright difficult aspects of life with a new baby.

My community spotlight series is here to focus on local businesses that provide extra support to you and your family as you adjust to life with a new little one, as well as resources to help you on this wonderful journey called parenthood.

Having a baby is such an exciting time. Finding out you’re pregnant, buying tiny baby clothes, picking out names – it’s all fun and exciting until reality sets in and you realize that baby also has to come out to join the world. This can seem really scary, especially if you’re a first time mom or if you’re facing an unexpected circumstance. But it doesn’t have to be!


Meet Tiffany, owner at Birthing Stone Doula.

Meet Birthing Stone Doula & Childbirth Services

Birthing Stone Doula & Childbirth Services provides birth and postpartum doula services in Portland, Oregon and the surrounding area. They have a total of seven doulas – five focusing on births and two providing postpartum support, and they offer a variety of classes to support new parents. I sat down with the incredibly calm and caring Tiffany Decker, owner at Birthing Stone, to find a little bit more about the wonderful service they provide.

Why hire a doula in Portland?

Tiffany explains that using a doula is like using a trail guide for your birth. They provide you with active support and make sure your voice is heard throughout the birthing process. Births can be stressful at times, but doulas are there to be a calming presence, as well as to provide background support for dads or coaches.

The benefits of doula care have actually been scientifically proven. A study last year shows that doula support during labor and birth decreases the odds of having a non-indicated cesarean (c-section) by 80%! (source) No one wants to end up with a c-section that isn’t medically necessary, so this is huge! Having a doula can also reduce the use of pain medication, and help parents have increased satisfaction with their births. In short, doula support can mean a more positive outlook from parents, and more satisfaction with the birth and family relationships.

There are fantastic doctors and nurses out there, no doubt about it. But the way our current healthcare system is set up, you aren’t guaranteed to have your own doctor, let alone a doctor that you even know when the time comes. Doctors work on call and nurses change shifts often. Hiring a doula means you have a familiar and trusted support professional to help you throughout the entire experience. Your doula knows you – she knows your story and she knows how to best help you communicate your needs and desires to hospital staff to achieve the best birth experience possible.

When should you hire a doula?

Your relationship with your doula is extremely important, so it’s best to hire a doula as early as possible to develop that relationship. A doula will really start working with you at the end of your 2nd trimester to help you define your goals for labor and birth and create a plan that works best for you.

Why Birthing Stone

The doulas at Birthing Stone focus on your birth preferences. They want to know what your hopes are for labor and birth and WHY you have them. They’ll discuss possible outcomes with you (such as c-sections) so you’re informed and prepared when the unexpected arises. During birth, your doula will help you manage your goals and expectations, and help you to make choices and facilitate those choices (such as using Pitocin or pain medication). A doula can help you keep realistic expectations and find your voice to communicate and be in control of your birth. They also provide support to dads and coaches, and are extremely experienced with lots of little tips and tricks to make your birth the best it can be.

Most importantly, a Birthing Stone doula can help you normalize the experience of childbirth and tell your story. As a society, we don’t tend to talk about childbirth as a normal part of life but as something that’s happening to a woman – often with negative connotations. A doula can help you achieve the birth you want, and give you a positive outlook on your experience.


The beautiful studio at Birthing Stone Doula.


Birthing Stone is one of the few doula services serving the west side of Portland. They offer prenatal and postpartum support, including a variety of classes and groups, such as breastfeeding and childbirth education, lactation consultations, parenting classes and groups including a new moms group, a new parents group, and an expecting parents group. They also offer a variety of other supportive resources related to birth and baby, such as yoga, baby sleep, or baby sign classes.


Birthing Stone offers a variety of classes every month.


The new moms group with their adorable babies!






The doulas at Birthing Stone are experienced professionals dedicated to helping you – before, during, and after your birth, as well connecting you to a variety of other resources to help you transition successfully to life with a new baby.

Make an investment in birth – hire a doula! If I ever have another little one, I know I will!


The studio in Beaverton, OR.

Birthing Stone Doula and Childbirth Services is located at 4125 SW 185th Ave in Beaverton, OR.  Contact them here!


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